STAGE ONE DE-CLUTTER TOO - Creating amazing first impressions
I am focused on providing high-quality service and customer satisfaction. I will do everything I can to meet your expectations.
The first service I provide is to de-clutter your space by packing up and storing selected personal items, taking unwanted items to consignment, donate to charity of your choice, or simply pack and ship sentimental items to family to enjoy. This part of my service is the hardest part for
a homeowner to do.  You may be overwhelmed and just do not know where to begin. I assure you I can help you with great sensitivity.
The second service I provide is is staging your home for re-sale by transforming your exsisting furnishings to give your home a fresh updated look.
Over the years I have added a third service which is Condo and Home watch which consists of checking on your property once a week while you are away. I check your AC/Humidistat settings to prevent mold or mildew, Walk through each room looking for anything out of place. Check your fridge and freezer. Check for bug activity and treat when needed.
Check your garage.  Doors and windows are locked. Hot water tank is turned off. Main water turned off. Unplug TV's and cable connections.
Be worry free of AC/failure, water damage, mold & bug infestation. References are available upon request. Condo and Home watch is only
$32.00 per month with once a week visit while you are away. Additional
charge for repairman visits, deliveries or AC service etc is $20 per visit.
Please contact me with inquires for any of my services at 941-685-9906
Nancy Ellen Errico
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